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Creeping Cave Web

Other Names -
Climate/Terrain Subterranean
Frequency Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Omnivore

Physical Description

Creeping Cave Web is an odd looking creature. It appears as a complex web of flesh colored strands and tendrils. The size of the creature varies, but most specimens can easily stretch more than 10 emters wide. A creeping cave web moves slowly and quietly, like some horrific many legged spider, shooting out sticky tendrils ahead of it and detaching tendrils behind. The tendrils of this web appear to be made of living flesh, pulsing with blood and exposed muscle and bits of alien skin.


A creeping cave web attacks by firing out long sticky tendrils. These tendrils adhere to armor and clothing, often pinning arms and weapons to the victims side. If the tendril fails to connect to the skin of the victim initially, fleshy fibers at the end of the tendril will quickly force their beneath armor and cloth to reach bare skin. Once contact with skin is established, the tendril will exude a nerve toxin and paralyze the victim. Once a victim has been paralyzed, the creature will pull him into the mass of tendrils. The victim is then cocooned in many tendrils, the tendrils begin to dissolved the flesh of the victim and absorb the organic material.

Fire is effective against a creeping cave web and will cause permanent damage. Lightning and electrical attacks are ineffective. Cold based attacks will slow and/or stun the creature, but will cause no damage. Even if the creature is frozen solid, it will revive once thawed.

The creature has no eyes or ears or head or any visible organs, yet seems to see in all directions at once. It can fight several opponents at once, firing tendrils at each.

After a large meal, a creeping cave web will become dormant for several hours.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Creeping Cave Webs are found underground or other very dark, damp places. Dozens have been encountered in caves and dungeons, but at least three have been encountered in very thick, dark forests.


Creeping Cave Webs sometimes will lurk about city sewers feeding any rats, corpses and any other organic material they can find. Creeping Cave Web reproduces by fission once every few years.


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