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Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Subterranean, Temperate Forest
Frequency Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

The arochar leaving its nest to hunt

Physical Description

The arochar is a huge spider with a one meter diameter body and legs that span almost 3 meters. This behemoth looks like a normal spider except for its size. It has strong, curved fangs which are glossy black as are its eight eyes. The abdomen sports a pattern which varies slightly from spider to spider. The smooth skin of the arochar is black and white.


The arochar is quick and nimble despite its large size and uses surprise and speed to lunge out and attack opponents from hiding places. It grapples and bites primarily. Once a successful bite has been made against an opponent, the spider will retreat to wait for the poison to take effect. However, if multiple targets are present, the spider will attempt to poison each one before retreating. The poison of the arochar is very powerful and spreads through the bloodstream quickly. The venom is a paralytic toxin which causes the nervous system to fail and all muscles to become rigid. The duration of the paralysis varies depending upon the health and strength of the victim. The arochar is able to fit into tunnels and cracks half its size and uses this to surprise opponents when fighting underground.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The arochar dwells in caverns and tunnels and other rocky places near to the surface. It usually lives underground in forested mountainous areas. At night, it goes out into the forest and mountains to hunt. The arochar cares nothing for treasure. Occasionally, a corpse which the arochar has captured and fed on will still have items on it. After an arochar has finished feeding, a corpse is usual left to rot on the floor of its lair. Incidental treasure may be found there.

Besides forest areas, the arochar may also be found in deep cave systems, dungeons and even sewers. 


The arochar is a hunting spider and so is unable to produce a web. When two arochar mate, which occurs once per year, the female produces a large egg sack which contains hundreds of eggs. When they hatch, the strong hatchlings feed upon the weak. Only about five survive to maturity.


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