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Other Names Gekra Horn Beast
Climate/Terrain Mountains
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Herd
Activity Cycle


Diet Herbivore

Physical Description

The thunder beast, sometimes called the great gekra horn beast, is a huge woolly four legged herbivore of the low lying mountains through out the world. Four large spiral horns crown its massive head and thick, shaggy grey fur covers most of its body. Distantly related to the mountain goat, this beast weighs in at over four tons and stands 2.5 meters tall (8 ft) at the shoulder.


Individual thunder beasts only fight if cornered. As a group, they tend to move together and occasionally stampede when frightened. If a thunderbeast does fight, it uses its front hooves. Occasionally, a thunderbeast may charge an opponent, attempting to ram, gore or impale the victim upon its four horns.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Thunderbeasts live on mountain slopes in all regions from temperate to polar and range from 1,000 to 3,000 meters altitude depending on the season.


The thunderbeast is a peaceful herbivore and is often found in small groups grazing in fields high in the mountains. Thunder beasts are named so because of the tremendous sound they create with their stone hard hooves. When hundreds of thunderbeasts run together, the din echoes about the mountain tops. Some of these beasts have been domesticated and put to use as pack animals, although these are rare as thunder beasts are difficult to train and expensive to maintain.


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