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Whip Spider

Other Names Nylgir Horde Spider
Climate/Terrain Any
Frequency Very Rare (summoned)
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

A strange spider-like creature with a spherical body, ten jointed legs that are spaced evenly all the way around the body and no eyes or other visible organs. A long, flexible appendage (much like a whip) sprouts from the top of the body. This whip is tipped with a stinger. The mouth of the creature is under the body. Its hide is wrinkled and black. The whip spider has a half meter leg span and weighs about 10 to 20 kg.


Whip spiders move very fast. Due to its spherical design, it has no true front or back and can change direction without having to turn. These demons are agile and very hard to hit with blade or spell. The whip spider uses its stinger tipped appendage to lash out at opponents and pierce armor or flesh. If a successful hit is made, the stinger injects a mild neurotoxin and the victim experiences a rapid onset of symptoms: sluggishness, dizziness, nervous tremors and eventual unconsciousness. The effects last for less than an hour. Usually, whip spiders swarm opponents and victims will be stung dozens of times. The effects of the poison are cumulative and multiple stings can and do result in death. Once an opponent drops, the spiders jump on to, lower their mouths to the prey and feast.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Whip spiders are demons and their natural habitat is some dark nether region of the multiverse. 


Whip spiders are carnivores. They are usually summoned by evil wizards for combat purposes. Whip spiders roam the abyssal plains in hordes and so are often summoned in groups.


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