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Abyssal Bat

Other Names Harzuchiropterax
Climate/Terrain Any
Frequency Very Rare (only when summoned)
Organization Group
Activity Cycle Any
Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

This terrifying creature appears as an enormous bat. It has a eight meter wing span and weighs about 200 kilograms. It's huge leather wings are bare, but it's body bristles with wiry fur. A thick greenish slime dribbles from the creature's gaping maw and coats is chest.


Abyssal bats are fast, aggressive creatures with remarkable agility in the air. Archers will have a difficult time hitting this creatures while they are airborne. The green slime dribbling from the mouth of the creature is a toxic brew, both acidic and venomous. The bat is able to spit the sticky green substance up to five meters and will often do flyby attacks while spitting from the air. The bats will also land on victims, clawing and biting. The bite delivers more of the green spittle as well. The spittle will burn through most organic materials (padding, leather, cloth, etc) in one combat round after which is does both acidic damage to bare flesh and poisons the target. Anyone poisoned by the spittle will suffer a sudden onset of headache, muscle aches, fatigue and vertigo. This will immediately impact their combat effectiveness.

Abyssal bats are highly resistant to most acids and poisons.

Abyss bats have echolocation like normal bats. They can sense and attack invisible opponents with no penalties. They are suspectible to sonic attacks and very loud noises (such as an explosion) will drive them away for a short time.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Absyssal bats are not native to the world of Khoras. They are native to various dark corners of the multiverse. They will only appear in the mortal world if they are intentionally summoned by evil wizards or if they manage to slip through an interdimensional gate or other fissue in reality. Demonologists classify this creature as a demon and call it by the formal scholarly name "harzuchiropterax".


Abyssal bats are predators in their native habitat. In the mortal realm, they will aggressively hunt and devour anything that crosses their path. Abyssal bats are sometimes trained as steeds by demons in the outer planes.


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