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Other Names Robber Monkey
Climate/Terrain Tropical Jungle and Forest
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Omnivore

Physical Description

The felchkun is a small arboreal primate with a slender body covered in brown fur with gold colored fur along the shoulders, elbows, spine and tail. It also has a mane of golden fur framing the face. It has a long prehensile tail capable of surprising dexterity. It's wide set, gleaming brown eyes betray a hint of intelligence.


The felchkun rarely fights, but is very stealthy and exceptionally fast. They leap and jump about frantically making them difficult to strike with a weapon. Felchkuns can squeeze through surprisingly small openings. If forced to fight, they tend to attack in groups, leaping and bounding about in haphazard fashion in an attempt to distract and confuse the enemy. Individual felchkuns will bite, claw and fling stones.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Only found in tropical and subtropical jungles and rainforests of Aggradar. Very common around Sarid.


Felchkuns are notorious thieves. These small monkeys like to sneak into camps and steal weapons, tools and small trinkets. They are particularly fascinated by shiny objects (coins, rings, jewels, keys), anything that lights up or glows (such as certain magic items), parchment or vellum (scrolls and maps) and other small objects. Just about anything that weighs less then 5 pounds is fair game. Because of their speed, stealth and small size, they are very good at this practice. A team of robber monkeys can strip a camp bare in one night.

Because of their very high metabolisms, felchkun monkies have voracious appetites. They are always hungry and will eagerly steal all of the food from a camping party in the night and devour it all before the dawn. This includes any potions, herbs, powders and edible magical components they can find.


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