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Other Names Tomarin Highlands Hound
Climate/Terrain Hills and Mountains
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

The targ is a large breed of canine that hunts in the hills and mountains of the Shard Mountains. It is a large, heavily muscled canine with bristly fur and a short pug nose snout. Instead of fangs and teeth, it has a hard, jagged bony ridge which is excellent for cutting and tearing meat. The creature has a bulky shape as it has layers of fat beneath its skin, loose fitting skin and high shoulders. The bulky shoulders of the animal bristle with foot-long spines. These dogs are ugly creatures, but they are smart and very trainable. The targ has a very distinctive throaty bark which echoes through the hills when it is hunting.


Targs are solitary hunters that use speed and brute force to bring down just about any animal they can catch. Targs are aggressive creatures and will fight each other over kills, hunting territory and mates. These creatures are very territorial and will not hesitate to attack small groups of humanoids. Targs are very intelligent canines and can quickly learn from mistakes and adapt to changing circumstances. They are cunning hunters.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Targs are native to the northwest of Aggradar and are bred by the Tomarin Lords in the Iron Citadels and the Sybrenar. They range throughout the Shard Mountains, from the extreme north down to the Trossoli Dominion. Targs typically can be found from the foothills up to mountain slopes at about 2,500 feet.


Targ pups can be raised and trained. But adult targs are wild and untrainable. Targs are used as guard dogs and war dogs by the soldiers and nobles of the Iron Citadels.


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