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Wind Banshee

Other Names Saurell
Climate/Terrain Grasslands
Frequency Rare
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

The saurell, or "wind banshee" as it is commonly called, is a tall lean creature that appears to be a cross between a flightless bird and a lizard. It's body is covered in feathers while its legs and feet are scaled like a reptile. It’s head is mostly scaled, but crested here and there with feathers. A wind banshee stands a little more than 2 meters tall and weighs about 150 kg.

It has strong, muscular legs that make it a remarkable runner. It can sprint at high speed and make tremendous leaps. The snout of the creature ends in a beak like point that can deliver painful bites. The males have more brightly colored plumage that the females and they also have four horns around the head that they use to battle other males during mating season. 


Wind banshees attack in small groups that coordinate their attacks, often converging on prey from all directions. In combat, they are incredibly fast and nimble making them difficult to hit. They attack by pecking with their sharp peaks and kicking with their strong legs. The wind banshee gets its name from the strange ululating vocalizations it makes which can be heard from a great distance. A pack of them will vocalize before an attack. Scholars believe that these vocalizations from many different locations are intended to confuse and panic a herd of prey animals.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Banshees live in the warm grassy plains of Qeshir. They range from the Wind Plains to the Darijun peninsula and from the coast to the foothills of the mountains.


Wind Banshees are carnivorous. They hunt anything slower than them. Birds, snakes, grubs, small mammals, prairie deer and black-tailed elk constitute the bulk of their diet, but a large enough group of banshees can even take down a full grown craghorn. The Mytharians and the wind banshees hunt each other. The secambru consider banshees a nuisance, but do occasionally catch and cook them.

Wind banshees are known for communal nesting. A single male will often have a harem of a half dozen females and all females will build one massive nest together and lay all their eggs in the nest. The banshees are fiercely protective of their eggs and nesting areas. Banshees are attracted to shiny things and will often decorate the nest with such things. So, it's not unusual to find a few coins or a necklace or a shiny piece of armor in one of these communal nests.

Banshee eggs are quite large, measuring about 15 inches long and 10 inches wide and appear a pale green. They are edible and quite tasty.


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