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Fire Eagle

Other Names -
Climate/Terrain Subtropical Grasslands
Frequency Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

The fire eagle is probably the most well known predatory raptor of Qeshir. This huge bird has a wingspan of five meters and weighs 100 kg. This bird is named for its brilliant orange, yellow and red plummage. The bird has a high pitched warbling screech. 


The Fire Eagle strikes silently with a rapid power dive to take out prey. If engaged in battle by humanoids, it attacks with powerful claws and a foot long, iron hard beak. It also beats its wings in the face of an opponent to blind and distract. The Fire Eagle is strong enough to lift 100 kg into the sky. It has been known to grab weapons, shields, backpacks and so forth and fly away with them. The fire eagle will use its ability to fly to good advantage. If attacked by missile weapons or if the battle is going badly, it will take to the air.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The fire eagle hunts the central grasslands of eastern Qeshir. It preys upon a variety of rabbits, marmots, squirrels, small deer and other mammals. Anything under 100kg is fair game for this bird. Even small humanoids are at risk.


The fire eagle is the totem animal of the fire eagle secambru tribe. The giants of that tribe adorn themselves in the colorful feathers of this bird.

The mytharians occasionally kill and cook fire eagles. The meat is edible and tasty.


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