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Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Temperate Forests
Frequency Common
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Herbivore

Physical Description

Skyrunners appear to be large squirrels with large black eyes and long tufted ears. Their bodies are covered in soft brown or grey fur and they have bushy tails. Their small hands have dexterous fingers. Skyrunners are notable for their round, gentle faces. They make soft chirping noises that are pleasing to the ear and they also purr when content.


Skyrunners are very quick and dart about with ease. They can easily avoid a sword swing and are usually quick enough to evade hawks, tree wolves and other predators. Skyrunners are timid things and will flee if threatened. They are able to run along very small branches that would not support the weight of a pursuing predator. Skyrunners are also capable of astounding 10 meter leaps and will often leap from tree to tree.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Skyrunners are found in central western forests of Ithria, particularly in the Grandwood and the Elderweald. They live most of their lives at the top of Forest Lord trees, but can be found in lower branches and sometimes on the ground. They are named for their habit of running along the very tops of trees.


Skyrunners live in small groups, but hunt and forage individually as do squirrels. The diet of the skyrunner consists of insects (especially butterflies), berries, leaves and bark. Skyrunners live in distinctive nests. These nests are hollow spheres with a single entrance which are skillfully woven together by the skyrunners out of natural materials (twigs, leaves, bark, grass).

Skyrunners are loved by elves and faeries and other denizens of the deep forests. They are often taken as pets. According to elvish lore, skyrunners are associated with luck and to have one as a pet makes one lucky. Skyrunners have surprisingly long life spans for such small creatures and often live to be 50 years old. This is partly why some elves can become quite attached to their skyrunner pet.

Skyrunners are exceptionally curious creatures. The smell of campfire cooking will often bring a curious skyrunner that will explore the camp until it is chased off. Skyrunners are attracted to small shiny objects and will often steal such items. A skyrunner’s nest is often filled with coins, rings, bright feathers, small mirrors and other such shiny trinkets.


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