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Leafy Spider

Other Names -
Climate/Terrain Forests
Frequency Rare
Organization Individual
Activity Cycle


Diet Herbivore

Physical Description

The leafy spider appears as a 12 legged spider except that the skin greatly resembles bark and it is covered in growths which greatly resemble leaves. This excellent camouflage allows the spider to blend into the leafy foliage of the vegetation of the rainforests. 



Not aggressive. Timid creatures that will flee at the first hint of danger. They are quick and difficult to hit. But usually rely on their camouflage to avoid danger. Besides their camouflage, the only defense this creature has is its poison. The leafy spider exudes a mild toxin from its skin which is enough to give most predators a bad stomach ache. This poison also has a very bad taste which is enough to deter most predators.


Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Can be found in forests and rainforests in western and southern Qeshir. Most common in the Fire Isles, the Darijun Jungle and the Aswanar Wildlands.



Some tribes in the Fire Isles will catch leafy spiders and use them in certain pseudo-religious rituals. The warriors of the tribe will lick the belly of the leafy spider. The toxin is absorbed through the tongue and causes convulsions, severe hallucinations and a state of euphoria. 


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