The World Of Khoras - Fauna and Flora

The Fauna of Ithria


The world of Khoras supports an unfathomably large and complex biosphere. Over fifty million species of plants and animals live on the planet’s surface. A comprehensive listing of Khorasian life forms would fill dozens of books. What follows is only a tiny sample of the amazing diversity of life. This section represents some of the more interesting and unique creatures of the world. Although not detailed here, Khoras is home to many thousands of animals which are common to Earth, such as : horses, dogs, cats, birds, snakes, spiders, fish, whales, insects and other more mundane creatures.

Category Description


Oceans, rivers, lakes and ponds.
Arctic Northern frozen wastes.
Desert Deserts, arid badlands and wastelands.
Desolation The unique animals found only in the Desolation.
Forest Forests and woodlands.
Grasslands Plains, grasslands, scrub brush and savannah.
Hills Hills and rough terrain.
Jungle Jungles, rain forests and other lush tropical regions.
Magical Beings created or summoned through magic.
Mountains Mountains, peaks and high slopes.
Subterranean The vast cavernous underworld.
Swamp Swamps, marshlands and other wetlands.


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