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Other Names -
Climate/Terrain Desolation of Shidar
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

The elekrin appears as a large segmented centipede. It is about 1.5 meters long with 50 pairs of legs. It's hard shell has a bluish, almost metallic, sheen. The head has sections, but nothing that resembles an eye. It's complex jaw structure has four jointed mandibles. 


The elekrin has two specialized abilities which it uses to hunt prey - web spinning and bioelectrical energy. The elekrin can spin a web, much like a spider. The strands of this web are very thin metallic filaments and have the ability to conduct electricity. The individual strands are hard to see, especially in dim light. The elekrin can also generate and unleash a powerful electrical jolt. This is typically enough to stun or even kill a man. Larger specimens are able to unleash more powerful jolts. The creature can recharge itself within a matter of minutes to unleash another jolt.

Depending on the situation, the elekrin uses different tactics. In a forest environment, underground or wherever there are sufficient anchor points, the elekrin will spin a web. It will then wait until a creature comes into contact with one of the strands at which point it will unleash an electric jolt. All strands of the web are connected and will conduct the electricity.

In the open where there are not enough anchor points to suspend a web, the elekrin waits in hiding, either curled around a branch of a tree or laying in wait in the mud and moss underfoot. It drops down from the trees above (or waits to be stepped on by a passing creature) and then quickly curls around the prey and unleashes a powerful jolt of electricity.

Either by web or ambush, once it has killed its prey, the elekrin will begin feeding.

It should be noted that the elekrin has no eyes or ears or other sensory organs in the traditional sense. The creature hunts by sensing the electrical energy present in other living things. Invisibility, illusions and other such magic are of no use against this creature.

The muscles and nerves responsible for releasing the energy can still function even after the creature is dead. Therefore, care must be taken when handling a freshly killed elekrin.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The elekrin is found in the dreaded Desolation of Shidar. The creature inhabits forests and swamplands. It hunts and feeds on a variety of creatures.

There are reports that some specimens have been captured and smuggled out of the Desolation and well as reports of encounters with this creature underground.


The elekrin is partially edible. If killed, there is a soft white flesh beneath the shell. However, there are several parts of the elekrin that are poisonous and will make a man sick for days if consumed. These poisons can taint the edible meat if care is not taken in preparation.

This creature lays an egg sack which contains a cluster of 12-16 small spherical metallic eggs.

The metallic strands of the web are very strong and lightweight. They can be used in a variety of ways.


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