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Sand shifter

Other Names -
Climate/Terrain Desert
Frequency Very Rare
Organization Individual
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

A sand shifter is a creature composed entirely of sand. It moves and shapes itself quickly and easily. In combat, it often will form its shape to resemble its opponent. Sand shifters can vary their size and volume, but generally consist of about one ton of sand... enough to form a warhorse sized figure or a large humanoid. The sand shifter does not need to walk or run, it simply shifts its base through the sand. Sand shifters can move very quickly through the desert dunes and can easily outrun a human. When moving through the desert, they stay near the surface and resemble a wave of sand similar to a wave on the ocean.


A sandshifer's primary attack is to strike out and pummel with sandy fists or tentacles. The sand shifter will try to pummel its victim into unconsciousness or suffocate them. Once an opponent is slain or rendered unconscious, it drags the body deep into sand. Once all opponents are slain or driven off and the combat is over, the sand shifter will absorbs the bodily fluids from its victims. In so doing, the sand shifter obtains needed nutrients and moisture.

Sand shifters will never voluntarily leave the sand or lose contact with the desert. Sand shifters may have difficulty reaching a person standing on a pile of rocks.

Fire and flame have little effect on sand shifters. Cold is only effective if there is sufficient moisture in the air or sand to freeze the sand. This is rare in the desert. However, the combination of water and cold could possibly freeze a sand shifter solid.

Lightning is very effective against sand shifters and electrical energy will stun a sand shifter temporarily, causing it to dissolve in regular sand for a short while.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Desiccated mummified corpses litter the area around a sand shifter lair. Treasure and weapons from previous victims may lie out in the open, a tempting bait to new victims.

Sand shifters inhabit deep desert only. Sand shifters are territorial.


The true nature of the sand shifter is known to very few. In actuality, the sand shifter is a colony creature... actually consisting of thousands of tiny red crystalline creatures. These tiny crystalline creatures are very small and, when mixed in with the sand, difficult to see and they work in unison, exerting telekinetic control, over the sand. 

The crystalline creatures communicate among each other with electrical signals. A lightning bolt or other electrical attack temporarily paralyzes the crystalline creatures, neutralizing both the ability to communicate and their telekinetic ability. The effect is only temporary.


The tiny crystalline sandshifter mites are valuable as an alchemical and magical component. Several hundred of them can be ground up into a brilliant red, sparkling crystalline powder. Due to the rarity of the creature and difficult in obtaining the creatures, this sandshifter mite powder is extremely rare and quite valuable. It is a potent addition for potions and spells that involve telekinesis.


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