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Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Polar
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Herbivore

Physical Description

The snow drifter is a large, powerful six legged horse. It is covered by a thick, shaggy white fur. Its hooves are covered also covered by this thick fur. The hair of the mane and tail is longer than in other horses. It is a noble and majestic beast which is greatly valued by the borrellians.





The snow drifter usually avoids combat, but when aroused, it can turn quickly and kick backwards delivering a devastating amount of damage. Easily enough to crush the skull of a humanoid.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Wild snow drifters travel in herds and are commonly found roving the snow covered mountains. However, they are more often found in Borrellian communities serving as steeds and pack beasts. They are highly prized as steeds. The snow drifter has a modest top speed, but is very strong and good at pushing through deep snow, hence its name.


The snow drifter has adapted quite effectively to live in the frozen wastes of the north. Its thick fur and layers of fat over the muscles retain body heat very well. It has thermal vision which allows it to spot predators at great distances. Its broad hooves do not sink into snow easily and the bottom rim of the hoof is edged with teeth-like ridges which provide traction on ice. These ridges prevent the horse from being fitted with shoes. The snow drifter is virtually immune to cold and cold attacks, but suffers greatly if subjected to heat.


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