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Other Names Northwind Spirit, Snowdancer
Climate/Terrain Polar
Frequency Very Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Herbivore

Physical Description

The iressi is an odd looking, vaguely humanoid creature which stands about five feet tall. The creature has muscled legs, small arms and a large tail which forces the creature to walk hunched over. The body of the creature is covered in smooth blue skin. Its eyes are large, bulbous and blink with translucent eyelids. It has clawed hands and feet. It's oddly shaped feet allow it to skate over icy lakes and rivers with tremendous speed. It uses its powerful tail to propel itself forward and help steer on the ice.


The iressi attacks by moving rapidly toward a target and then slashing at it with claws or bladed feet. The iressi is a weak fighter and tends to use its superior speed on icy lakes and glaciers to flee from superior opponents or predators.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The iressi is a rare creature because it is found only in the extreme north, even further north than Borrell. In the winter, dozens of these creatures can be seen skating along vast icy fields, frozen lakes and glaciers. Iressi live in small family groups in ice caves and relocate often depending on food and weather.


The iressi travels in its native polar habitat by skating along on a sharp bony ridge that runs along each foot. It pushes itself along with a strong, grooved tail and can achieve fantastic speeds with such a mode of travel. On softer ground, such as deep snow, the creature slides on its belly, slithering along like a snake and using its strong tail for propulsion.

Iressi feed on the few plants that grow in the far north. In addition, some scholars believe that the unique blue skin of the creature absorbs energy from sunlight and that this supplements the creature's sustenance.

Borrellians hunt iressi for their tasty white meat, their skin (which produces a fine blue colored leather) and the sharp bony ridges of the feet (which is harder than most metals). Iressi are too wild to be trained and to weak to serve as steeds. Their intelligence can only be guessed at. They are primitive creatures. It is not known whether they have any form of language.


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