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Creatures in the arctic category dwell in the frozen northern wastes. They are well suited to extremely cold environments with such adaptations as thick fatty layers beneath their hides, heavy fur and long eyelashes. Some have developed thermal vision which is very effective in polar climates.

Name Description


The largest grazing herbivore on the planet.
Ice Scrabbler A strange shell covered quadruped.


Blue skinned polar creature that skates on ice.
Polar Drake One of a species of small winged reptiles.

Polar Worm

Large predatory worm capable of burrowing through glaciers.
Shard Mountain Troll A dangerous, but rarely seen, beast that walks upright.

Snow Drifter

Large white six legged horse that inhabits the polar north.
Winter Hawk A large raptor native to the Shard Mountains and northern Iron States.

Winter Wolf

Large, powerfully built snow wolf.


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