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Varkon Whale

Other Names Rumbler, Hull Shaker
Climate/Terrain Deep Ocean
Frequency Rare
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

The Varkon whale is the largest known species of whale in the world. It is a huge beast averaging 50 meters long with an equally impressive girth. Although not as long as the long green whale, the varkon outweights the long green 10 to 1, averaging an impressive one thousand metric tons. They have four pairs of flippers in addition to a impressive four fluked tail. Their hide is a mottled blue-grey. In addition to their tremendous bulk, varkon whales inflate themselves. Inflated varkons have sometimes been mistaken for small islands. Once inflated, a varkon will unleash a tremendous rumbling song which can last for up to an hour. This rumbling song is so loud that it can easily be heard above the water's surface for many kilometers. At close range, the song will vibrate the hulls of ships. It is because of this unique and powerful whale song that the varkon is also known as the "rumbler" and the "hull shaker". Varkon whales are spotted by their distinctive twin spouts and by hearing their rumbling whale song at distance.


Whaling ships hunt by hearing the varkon's whale song or spotting its twin spouts, approaching rapidly and then harpooning them to attach as many drogues (floatation barrels) to the whale as possible. The idea is that the buoyancy and drag from the drogues eventually causes the whale to tire, forcing it to surface (if submerged), slowing it if it gives chase and allowing it to be killed.

The whalers must work quickly to attach the drogues before the whale can submerge and the thick hide of the beast is difficult to pierce. Varkons are slow and ponderous creatures, but they are can submerge for hours at a time to escape whalers. They are also tremendously strong as well. Large varkons have been known to submerge with a dozen drogues attached. Enough attached drogues will eventually force the creature to surface and the chase is on.

Sometimes a varkon will resurface directly beneath a whaling ship in an attempt to capsize it. This shrewd tactic implies the beasts are cunning.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Varkon whales are found only in the deep sea. It is rare for them to be within sight of land. They range all over the world and can be found in every sea.


A single varkon whales has hundreds of tons of blubber which can be processed into oil. The flesh of the whale is also edible. Both are sold in market. While the oil and flesh of this whale is less valuable that the same resources from other animals, the sheer quantity that can be obtained from a single kill makes it profitable venture.

Several nations conduct whaling and hunt the varkon whale. The most successful at harvesting the varkon is the whaling guild of Stovikar.


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