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Long Green

Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Deep Ocean
Frequency Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

The long green, as it is commonly called, is a species of baleen whale. It is the longest whale species considering overall length, though not the heaviest or largest by volume. It has a long, slender graceful body and smooth pale green skin. Long greens average 70 meters and 200 tons. Males are a bit larger than females. The largest male green ever killed and harvested by a whaling ship was 90 meters long and weighed 400 metric tons.

Like other whales, long greens have underwater vocalizations (whale song) that can be heard underwater many kilometers away.


Long greens are excellent swimmers, being both fast and agile in the water. This makes them particularly difficult to harpoon. Their smooth skin also has a tendency to deflect harpoons. Long greens avoid combat. If pursued and attacked by a whaling ship, a long green will try to outrun and/or outmaneuver its pursuers. Long greens can submerge, but only for 15 minutes at a time.

No long green whale has ever been known to attack a ship. They are, generally speaking, docile and peaceful creatures.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Long greens can be found in seas and oceans around the world, but are most common in the Sapphire Main. They live their whole lives in deep oceans, never venturing near land. They are only ever seen by mariners, fishermen and whalers.


Long greens are baleen whales eat by straining krill and other small aquatic organisms. They capture krill by lunge-feeding, wherein the long green accelerates into a group of prey at high speed with their mouth open. They engulf a huge volume of krill filled seawater and then squeeze the water through their baleen plates, filtering out the prey animals and expelling the seawater at the same time. If a person were to be caught in the lunge, they would not be swallowed, through they might be crushed or drowned in the filtering process. If they survived the squeezing, they would be expelled by the whale.

Long greens are solitary creatures. The only time two will be found together is during mating or when a mother-calf pair are encountered.

Long green whales are hunted by several seafaring nations. The nation of Ormek is the most active whaling culture and harvests more long green whales than any other nation.

Long green whale oil, often referred to as "green oil", is a pale amber-green colored oil. It is the highest grade and most coveted oil in the whaling industry, superior to all other whale oils. It burns bright and clean with a pleasant scent and is also long lasting. It is greatly in demand as fuel for lanterns. It also makes an excellent and long lasting lubricant for wagon axles and other moving metal parts. And it can be made into excellent soap, sealant and other products. Long greens are hunted primarily for their oil, but their meat is also edible and their hide makes good leather. Sea mages will pay well for the blood and brain fluids of a long green whale, which are useful alchemical components in sea-related magic potions.


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