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Verraximaul is a large female dragon with dark green scales. Her breath weapon is a combination of flame and a sticky, flammable burning jelly. When she uses her breath weapon, the air is filled with flame and this jelly is splattered on skin and armor. It sticks and burns fiercely, causing continous damage for minutes while the jelly burns. This makes her breath weapon particularly devastating.

Verraximaul is worshiped by a tribe of saurians. The saurians will harass anyone attempting to approach the dragon's lair. They will fight to protect their "god". The saurians are good fighters, they have an intelligent chieftain and the tribe has a myren saurian shaman who possesses some spell ability. They will adapt strategy and tactics as needed. They will use the terrain to their advantage.

The dragon's lair is built in a system of caves in a cliff face from which issues an underground river. This river erupts from the side of the cliff and falls cascading down into a small lake below. Atop the cliff there is a ruined castle. Little remains but a few stone walls and cobble walkways. The ground within the caverns is rough, uneven and strewn with broken rock and rubble. Movement is difficult and treacherous. It's easy to stumble or sprain an ankle unless one walks carefully. Verraximaul is unaffected by the rough terrain due to her size.

Below is a map of her lair.

Verraximaul Lair – Area Descriptions

A – Main Cave Entrance

This is the main entrance to the lair. The earth around this massive cavern entrance is charred and blackened. Various blackened skeletons are strung up on poles (this has been done by the saurians as a warning to would-be dragonslayers. The main saurian encampment is scattered about the entrance here. The saurians have small shelters and lean-tos scattered about the rocks. This allows them to be close to Verraximaul and witness her coming and going, but gives them places to hide should the dragon be hungry and go after them. The encampment will typically have anywhere from 8 to 24 saurians. The chieftain and the shaman are usually found here as well. The shaman keeps his treasure in a large locked wooden chest. Inside this chest are various coins, a large purple gem, a decorative bone wand, a thick red potion and a bag of herbs (hallucinogenic pipe weed).

B – Food Storage

The dragon keeps half eaten meals in this cave. The stench of rotting meat is heavy in the air in this chamber. Huge flies fill the air. A number of half-eaten bodies will usually be found here. Horses, cows, elk and more are typical.

C – Empty

This is an empty cave passageway. The ground is muddy and there are deep puddles. The walls are damp. There are usually huge dragon claw prints in the mud going in and out. There will occasionally be a bone or bit of carcass tossed here. There are also scorch marks on the wall.

D – Main Stairway

The stone here is hewn and cut. This area was crafted. The area is littered with broken statues, rotted bits of tapestry, broken bits of wood and a few bones. There is a massive stone stairway leading up to a large chamber in the ruined castle above.

E – Stairs

Another set of stone steps that lead up to another section of the ruined castle above. A small saurian camp sits at the top of the stairs. There is a trap on the stairs. A thin copper wire is stretched across the fifth step and is tied to a copper bell up top near the saurian trap. Anyone climbing the stairs and not carefully searching will trip the wire and set the bell ringing. The wire is hard to see in the shadowy light conditions. 

F – Saurian Camp

This passage leads to another entrance. Verraximaul can’t enter the cave system through here because the entrance is too narrow at several points. There are a number of gouges (claw marks) around the entrance where she has taken a swipe at a fleeing saurian. The saurians maintain a small camp outside this cave entrance to guard it. There are typically 8 to 12 saurians camped outside.

G – Empty

The roar of the waterfall can distantly be heard from this area.

H – Sleeping Chamber

This is the main sleeping chamber of the dragon. It is dominated by a huge nest made of rubble, bones, branches and even whole trees. Woven into the nest are leather straps, bits of armor, rope, chain and other flexible bits.

I – Underground River

This is a large natural cavern with stalagmites and stalagtites. Most are broken and broken pieces litter the floor making for very uneven footing. The roar of the waterfall fills the cavern and makes conversation difficult, but stealth much easier. The small cavern exit to the east leads out to a ledge on the cliff outside and a trail that goes up to the ruins.

At the north end of area I, a number of chains hang from a pulley system suspended from a large iron plate in the ceiling. This was once part of a mechanism used to lift cargos off of rafts and swing them across the river. Now, however, nothing remains but rusted chains and pulleys. Throughout the entire cavern, long ropey vines and mosses hang from the ceiling. Moss and lichens cover the ground, especially around the waterfall where mist hangs in the air.

J – Dragon’s Hoard

The saurian leader has ordered the saurian soldiers to pile every last gleaming copper coin into this area. It is now a glittering mound of treasure. Coins, jewels, armor, magic items and more are piled on the small sandy beach in this area. The dragon occasionally comes here to sniff new treasure items brought in by the saurians. The treasure horde contains all manner of things: coins, jewelry, daggers, swords, arrows, armor, shields, moldering clothing, tapestries and so forth.

K – Trail and Ledge

There is a trail that leads down the side of the cliff side on a narrow ledge that goes to the waterfall where it erupts out the side of the cliff face. The waterfall exits out of a large cavern, large enough for the dragon to use it as an exit/entrance.




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