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Varullimal is a male dragon that lives in the Wild Wood in Aggradar. He has large pale brown scales and four large backward swept horns that sprout from his head, but one of them is half broken off. He has a raspy roar and a tendency to cough. In addition, his breath weapon does not produce flame. Instead, he belches forth a terribly noxious black smoke. This acrid, ashy smoke does not burn its victims but causes fits of coughing and choking. It is not known if this unusual breath weapon is a genetic mutation or perhaps the result of a wound. In any case, it is an effective weapon and has caused even the strongest knights to fall to their knees with uncontrollable choking coughs. Varullimal has several lairs hidden in the Wild Wood. It is also known that he has a tendency to leave the forest for days or even weeks at a time and flies long distances at times. He has been seen as far north as the Iron Citadels and as far east as the Aukarian Republic.


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