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Syrce the Lurker

Syrce is a small wyrm, but an unusually fierce opponent. The Mist Forest is his home and Syrce uses the mist to good advantage in hiding its movement. His dark green scales also serve to hide him. Syrce is able to see through the mist. Some believe he can sense his prey with other senses and they are right. Syrce has poor eyesight but excellent hearing and sense of smell. Besides this, Syrce has a unique mutation - he can accurately sense life energy and magic. This, in effect, allows him to "see" his prey clearly through even the thickest fog and determine their relative strength and magical power. Syrce uses stealth, surprise and tactics to turn the tables on his prey. He is so skilled at this that he has been known to pick off individuals of hunting parties, one by one, and never be seen. Syrce seems attracted to magically enchanted objects and has quite a collection of arcana hoarded in his lair along with all manner of jewels, gems, coins and other sparkling prizes.


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