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Spittle is a small, black dragon that inhabits the western Shattered Mountains. Spittle has a deviant internal flame organ. Instead of fire, he unleashes a flood of a nasty acidic brew. This substance is thick, orange, foul smelling and sticky. It burns very hot and will ignite flammables. It will eat through plate armor in half a minute, and reduce a man to a charred corpse in seconds. This smell of it alone causes coughing, choking, watering eyes and burning nostrils. Spittle regenerates this substance slowly (it takes six hours to completely replenish his reservoir) but it is a devastating weapon. Spittle has a badly mangled left wing and cannot fly at all. One might think that Spittle is a weak dragon - he is small, cannot fly and has a breath weapon of limited range). However, tales of horror are heaped upon his name. Those few who have seen the use of the acid spittle and lived to tell about it return with shaking hands and trembling voices. Those foolish enough to venture after Spittle's horde die or return days later on foot, badly burned and swearing never to seek out a dragon again. Spittle lives in the realm of the Tosh tribe and they revere the "great Death Spitter" as they call him. The Tosh have been known to sacrifice captives to him and leave him offerings of food - boars, snakes, etc.


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