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Mumratusk is an average sized male dragon that dwells in the Darijun Jungle in eastern Qeshir. He is mottled grey, brown and black with dozens of spines, horns and tusks protruding from his armored scales. His tail is a broad finned tail with a number of sharp, blade like fins that he can open and close by flexing. Because of his appearance, the secambru giants call him "the spiny horror". He has a weak breath weapon (compared to other dragons) but makes good use of his claws and spiny armor. Muratusk is unable to roar and instead produces only a raspy rattle from his throat. He has a trio of parallel scars on his neck. Scholars are almost certain that he suffered a grievous wound long ago which utterly destroyed his larynx and damaged his breath weapon... an injury most likely obtained in a territorial dispute with another dragon.    


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