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Kworg, the War Drake

Kworg is a large male with dark grey and black scales. He is known as the War Drake because of his violent nature. Kworg's armor, which seems like heavy iron plates, is virtually impenetrable and weapons of all kinds will rebound off of them with a metallic ringing. Kworg's lair can be found in the Ice Rock Mountains north of Duthelm. His lair is a single mammoth cavern in the base of a mountain. All vegetation from the surrounding valley has been burned away. The bodies of men, ogres and even xorians can be found within the chambers of his lair. The best and bravest of Duthelm's warriors will sometimes venture near to Kworg's lair to retrieve shed scales and bring them back to have them fashioned into fantastic armor. Kworg is an aggressive hunter and an excellent combatant. He seems to prefer to rip his opponents to shreds rather than waste his fiery breath on them. He reserves the latter for groups that confront him.


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