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Krax is an old dragon... an ancient wyrm that prowls the Thunder Peaks. He is of medium size and his scales are varying shades of brown. He has a broad head and a ring of horny spines framing his head and going down his neck like a mane.

Krax is a formidable opponent in combat and has sent many warriors to their death. He relies heavily on his claws and breath weapon. It is widely known that Krax is a weak flyer. His left wing has a tear near the base which he probably received during a territorial dispute with another dragon. His breath weapon is a broad cloud of orange flame... less devastating than most dragons but still enough to cook several warriors at once.

The avarians have marked his lair on their maps and stay clear as he has excellent eye sight and will often pursue any soaring avarians he sees. However, when flying he tires easily and will not pursue avarians very far. Krax' lair is a deep cave at the base of a large stony hill. The mouth of this cave looks like a broad, gaping pit that angles down deeply. Krax tends to crawl in and out of his cave to avoid flying. 

The tunnel becomes almost a sheer drop into a large round cave some 200 meters below the surface. A number of other large caverns branch off from the main cavern.

Krax collects the bodies of his meals. One of the smaller caves is filled with the bones of hundreds of meals - humans, avarians, elves, cows, mountain goats, etc. The bones are piled high and deep. Mixed in the the bones are various pieces of armor, old swords, dented helmets, burnt leather, gold coins, small gems and other bits of treasure. The deepest cavern holds a natural pool.


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