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Hellspit is so named for his an abnormally powerful breath weapon. Scholars believe he has two internal "fire" organs instead of just one. Hellspit breathes a larger cloud of flame and regenerates his breath faster than other dragons. He has been seen to breath twice only seconds apart and to use his breath weapon up to 25 times in one battle. His fierce flames burn abnormally hot and have are greenish yellow color. Hellspit makes good use of his breath and favors it greatly rather than use claw and tooth.

Hellspit prowls the eastern peninsula of the southern Sentinel mountains. His lair lies in the highlands between the town of Darkport and the Smoking Valley. Hellspit tends to stick to the interior of the peninsula and is rarely seen along the coast. His reddish brown scales blend with the scorched rock of those mountains and make him difficult to see at a distance. On occasion, a group of saurians will come down from the Barakose Swamp to worship, prey and undergo rites of courage. Those saurians who endure the flame of his breath and survive (few indeed) are considered blessed and command respect among their kind.


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