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Frostdoom is smaller than average with white scales above and bluish scales beneath so that he is somewhat camouflaged even when flying. His white scales blend very well with snow and ice. He prefers the icy north and has claimed the Skylance Mountain as his home from which he rarely ventures forth. His lair is a huge network of caves in the side of the mountain at an altitude of 3,000 meters. His brilliant blue white scales are reflective and he can be seen kilometers away when they reflect the sunlight. Frostdoom seems solitary, even for a dragon, and rarely leaves the mountain. He hunts those creatures that he finds on the slopes of his mountain whether that be mountain goat or foolhardy adventurer. Frostdoom does not care which. Although small, he has an impressive breath weapon which fires a stream of flame in one direction. Frostdoom is quite skilled at controlling this flame and can target an individual man-size target at a distance of 50 yards.


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