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Chardumort is a rather rotund male dragon with very dark brown scales and a noticeably short, stubby tail. He lives in the Gulhunag Mountains in a dormant volcano. Although dormant, the mountain is quite warm and this may be why he selected it for his lair. The sides of the mountain and quite steep and difficult to climb. The top of the mountain is a large round opening which is the main entrance for Chardumort. Although there are a number of small caves that pierce into the heart of the mountain. Chardumort makes meals of sheep and cows and other livestock and has proven to be a nuisance to farmers and herders throughout the western half of the Sybrenar Imperium. Imperial soldiers do what they can to protect the borderlands, but they are no match for this beast. The imperial government makes monetary compensations to those who lose livestock to the dragon and have even taken to tying up cows in the foothills as sacrifices to keep him away from the farms.


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