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Amarathea, the Tattooed Dragon

A lone female dragon that lairs in a ruined castle that lies in the eastern Tanlur Mountains. She is most notable for the strange markings - glyphs and runes – burned into her scales and upon her leathern wings. They appear to be permanently inked or burned into her hide, much like tattoos, hence her name. It is written in glyphs that bare a resemblance to Iskren. It is not known who marked her, but it is widely assumed that some wizard was experimenting upon a hatchling dragon many years ago. The glyphs upon its hide form defensive spells and countermeasures. It is likely that this dragon has a number of magic based protections and immunities, making the beast particularly dangerous. This dragon rarely leaves its lair. It abandons the ruins only to hunt and then only for a few hours at a time. Little is known of its history or what might lies within the ruins.


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