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In the deep rolling hills of the Fekwar Mountains, just east of the Broadlands in Qeshir, there lives a small male dragon named Allarixar. He appears as a small dragon with dark grey scales and four large forward facing horns. Unlike most dragons, Allarixar has formed his lair in a rocky depression at the top of a tall hill, surrounded by tall broken stones and boulders. There is little preventing bold souls from climbing the hill, walking straight into the lair and making off with trinkets and treasures from the beast's hoard. Thieves actually have made off with loot from time to time while Allarixar was out hunting and therefore there is little treasure here. The mytharians consider stealing something from Allarixar to be a test of bravery and many mytharians have died in the claws of this dragon. The Juenta and the Padashani avoid disturbing the area. For the most part, Allarixar seems content to feed on wild herds in the Broadlands and Wind Plains and leaves humans alone.


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