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This disease is named so because it affects only saurians. It is caused by a virus that lives in the muscle tissue of many swamp dwelling creatures. It also thrives in the protein rich yolk of any egg laid by an infected animal, from the tiniest swamp fly to the giant gumric.

The scale pox works its way quickly through the body with symptoms beginning within two days. The scales of an infected saurian will begin to soften and then rot. This occurs in several patches on the body. The intense itching and scratching that follows leaves the skin in a mottled, shredded state. The rotting scales have a putrid and offensive odor noticeable at a distance. Besides becoming infected by the ingestion of contaminated food, saurians know that direct physical contact can also spread the disease. It is for this reason that an infected saurian is usually banished from the village until the disease has subsided (which takes about two weeks).

It is possible to become reinfected, but only by a different strain. Hence, bouts of infection are typically a year apart or more.


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