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This rare affliction affects only mages and usually only the most powerful sorcerers who have been casting mighty magicks for many years. Decades of spell casting wears on the human (and non-human) nervous system. It eventually results in the deterioration of the synaptic pathways in the brain and the nerves throughout the body. Only a handful of the most powerful wizards have ever been afflicted with this rare malady. It typically takes 2-20 years to run its course, getting progressively worse with each passing year. Initial symptoms include shaking hands and forgetfulness. As the condition worsens, the victim will begin to experience a loss of short term memory and mild hallucinations. In the final years, the condition is marked by tremors, excitability and senility. The most serious effect, however, is the detrimental affect this malady has on spell casting. As they synapses of the brain break down, the victim will experience increasing difficulty in correctly casting spells. This first affects only powerful magic, but soon begins to affect even minor spells. Miradic Syndrome is a terrible and undignified way for a great wizard to end his career. Often the truth is concealed by underlings even as they search for a cure. One wizard, a Carrikosian official named LeSang, is said to have committed suicide rather than endure such an end. There is also a rumor that the Desert Mage, Morlokk, is showing the early symptoms of the disease and that he is currently searching for a cure, although these reports are unconfirmed. At present, there is no known cure, magical or otherwise.

There is a rumored cure for Miradic Syndrome developed by an bathyn alchemist.


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