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This strange malady is a fusion of pathogen-born disease and dark magic. The mage madness most often afflicts wild mages although any spell caster can be affected. It is believed that since their magic exposes them to great amounts of dark essence, they suffer unusual side effects. The mage madness may be such a result. How this disease originates is not known. However, the symptoms are easily identified. The sorcerer will begin to hallucinate and become irrational and emotional. Some mages hear voices while others become paranoid. There is a great deal of variability in the symptoms, but all involve the mental breakdown of the victim. This is accompanied by a fever which slowly gets worse as the mental stability of the victim degrades. This slow breakdown of the mind takes place over several weeks. Eventually, the wild mage will completely lose touch with reality. Most mages kill themselves, either intentionally, or indirectly through their own magic.

Mage madness seems to spontaneously erupt in an otherwise healthy wizard. It tends to strike wild mages more frequently than any other spell casting group and usually only infects powerful wild mages that have been casting using dark essence for many years. A unique side effect of this phenomenon is its method of transmission. If an infected wild mage casts a spell, whether beneficial or harmful, on another spell capable creature, the target of the spell will become infected. Whole groups of mages have become infected in this way. The annals of history record that one entire guildhouse of spell casters succumbed to madness during the Great War. It is likely that mage madness was the cause. There is no known cure for this affliction. Thankfully, this disease is exceedingly rare.

Those unable to cast magic are immune to this affliction.


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