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As a world brimming with life, Khoras boasts a plethora of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. There exist dozens of minor ailments that circulate regularly or seasonally sweep through populations. Most of them are relatively harmless like the common cold. The dark essence from Drellis, which so often stimulates mutation and divergent growth, has produced a number of notable diseases and other biophysical phenomena. Listed in this section are a few examples.

Disease Name Frequency Affected Races Transmission Method Incubation Period Duration Symptoms
Barrett's Syndrome Uncommon All Contact with infected week. 1-2 weeks. 2-4 weeks. Slurred speech, vertigo, memory loss, gradual loss of intelligence.
Bloodbreath Common All Airborne transmission. 3-4 days. 3-4 weeks. Coughing up blood, fever, night sweats, shivering, weight loss.
Blood Fever Rare All except Karthasians. Bacterial infection through open wound. 1-4 days. 1-2 weeks. High fever, bleeding sores, stiff joints, sore muscles.
Burning Uncommon All Not contagious Not applicable Permanent Thickened coppery skin, yellow eyes, shaking, coughing, weakness
Crimson Fever Rare All Bite from infected insect. 1-2 months 2-4 weeks Severe rash, stomach pains, vomiting, profuse sweating
Gutrot Common Primarily humans, dwarves, grum, borrellians, orcs and ogres. Airborne transmission. 1-3 days. 3-7 days. Sharp stomach pains, abdominal soreness, vomiting, fatigue.
Mage Madness Very rare. Any magic wielding creature is susceptible Transmitted through magical contact or spell effects. Up to 1 day. Unknown. At least 3 months. Severe hallucinations, irrationality, high fever, insanity.
Miner's Disease Rare Primarily dwarves, humans, ogres and grum. Contact with infected soil. 1-2 years 3-6 weeks Partial paralysis, extreme fatigue, painful inflammation of the joints, drowsiness, headache.
Saurian Scale Pox Uncommon Saurians Consumption of infected meat or eggs. 2-6 days 1-2 weeks Softening and deterioration of scales, shredding of skin, severe rash, itching.
Shadow Curse Very rare All Inhalation of shadow orchid spores 1-6 hours 7-12 days Irritability, fever, incoherency, hallucinations*
Stiffening, The Very rare All Direct skin to skin contact. 2-12 hours 1-4 weeks Severely dry skin, rash, loss of sense of touch*
Miradic Syndrome Very Rare All Not contagious. Not applicable. Permanent. Shaking hands, nervous twitching, forgetfulness*
Thaegar's Malady Rare All Contact with infected wood. 6-12 hours. 2-3 weeks. Vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, loss of pigmentation, hypersensitivity to light

* = Early symptoms in a progressive disease.


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