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Blood fever is a common disease that often infects soldiers. This ailment is caused by a soil bacteria that invades the body through any open and bleeding wound. It thrives in cook, moist conditions. The bacteria commonly lays dormant in garbage piles, corpses, sewers and swamps. Once it gains a foothold in the body, it causes the skin to erupt in hundreds of sores which bleed constantly. This is accompanied by a high fever, stiff joints, sore muscles, a pounding heart, rapid breathing and physical exhaustion. If left untreated, a victim can bleed to death from the sores alone. The elderly and obese sometimes succumb to heart failure. This disease is fatal about 20% of the time.

Blood fever is contagious and can move from one wounded person to another. It has been known to rapidly spread through makeshift hospitals and other places where wounded soldiers are being treated.

Even if a person manages to fight off the disease, they are often left with permanent scarring form the sores. Treatment usually consists of bed rest, bandaging all sores and a high intake of food. If blood root is applied directly to the bleeding sores as a paste, recovery is much faster and scarring is greatly reduced (or even eliminated entirely). Once a person has contracted blood fever, they usually will not become infected a second time. Those that do are able to shake off the effects much quicker the second time.


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