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The Titan's Spire


The Titan's Spire is actually a grouping of four octagonal towers clustered together in a square formation. Elevated bridges connect the four towers at two different heights. Three of the four towers are completely intact, but the fourth tower is broken off at the top and the top chamber is exposed. The intact towers are each 32 meters (105 feet) tall. Surrounding the four towers is a network of paths radiating out in eight directions equally spaced like the spokes of a wheel. The paths  terminate equidistance from the towers and a circular path forms a perimeter around the grounds at a radius of 24 meters (80 feet). A number of crumbling walls and partial buildings show where secondary buildings stood. Fragments of a large curtain wall circle the grounds following the outer path. An ancient road winds through the forest to this ruin, but the road is overgrown and blocked in several places.


The Titan's Spire is located deep in the forest of the Mael Ix Drablin and very difficult to get to.

Known History

The Titan's Spire was one of the largest and most advanced fortresses of the Kytohan Empire. It guarded the border of the empire and was one of several fortresses to take part in the war against the barbarian hordes of the west prior to the Sundering. After the Sundering and World Storm, the fortress was assaulted several times.

When the Kytohan Empire collapsed, the fortress was cut off. For a while it became politically independent and guarded several forest encampments and villages within the forest. In the ninth century, the Titan's Spire was overrun by a huge army of pugnar, vothen, boglings and other humanoids. The soldiers and citizens of the Spire were massacred. Thousands died. Hundreds were captured and sacrificed to dark deities. None survived. The pugnar held the fortress for several weeks until it was suddenly abandoned. The pugnar tribes fled the region with wild tales of undead that had arisen to fight them.

The Titan's Spire Today

This ancient ruin is haunted. Undead stalk the empty corridors. Dark powers now reside here. At night, terrible wails can be heard. Those who camp near the ruin will suffer terrible nightmares. Several groups who have ventured into the fortress have vanished. One group that camped near the ruin reported that a drakonar has set up a nest on the top of the damaged fourth tower.


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