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The Road of the Gods


This Pre-Sundering ruin is a brick road flanked on either side by huge stone statues. These crude and weathered statues are carved in the likeness of warriors and kings. Each is more than 40 meters tall with a 20 meter wide base. The statues are cracked and worn with age. There are thirty statues, fifteen on each side of the road. The remains of another dozen or so statues can be seen further north. The statues are paired up and each stands about 30 meters from its neighbors. The road extends past the statues. The total length of the road is about three kilometers. Like silent sentinels, these stone behemoths stand guard protectively over the road.


The "Road of the Gods" refers to this one particular section of an ancient road. It is found in in the southern grasslands of the Chaddamar Theocracy, just to the north of the Sucorro Badlands.

Known History

This was once one of the greatest roads of the Kytohan Empire that stretched from the northern edge of the empire to the south. The World Storm and land quakes of the distant past wiped most of this great road from the land. It is broken and worn and little remains. Other fragments of road from the old empire can be found throughout Chaddamar, but none are as grand as this two mile stretch. This section has weathered the centuries well. It is known that statues did not line the whole length of the road. This particular region had some special significance.