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The Old Wall


The Old Wall, as it is called in Chaddamar Theocracy, has been abandoned for centuries now. It gets hit by the Horde each summer. Despite this, much of the wall is still intact. There are many holes in the Old Wall and long stretches where nothing stands but long piles of rubble. In the original wall, there were a pair of heavily fortified guardhouses, 200 feet apart, positioned every few kilometers  along the length of the wall. These fortified guardhouses are still standing intact.


The Old Wall is located in the Desolation of Shidar, in the northeast corner of Aggradar.

Known History

In the northeast peninsula of Aggradar , the shining city of Shidar discovered and opened a sealed gate in the ground thinking that it led to an ancient and mythical underground city. Shortly thereafter, the great city was overwhelmed with monsters from the deep.

Refugees from Shidar fled south by the thousands, carrying tales of woe and despair with them. It is this migration of misery and fear that sowed the seeds of the Chaddamar Theocracy. The refugees settled into the lands in the south and mixed with the indigenous people there. The nobles and armies of Shidar quickly took control of the towns in the south and began to rebuild. Much of Shidaran culture was transplanted in this way. In 1152 CY, the Shidaran nobles elected a king, a noble lord named Kurnon, and formerly declared themselves the Kingdom of Shidar. They began organizing a system of government, taxing the towns and quelling civil unrest in the region who balked at this sudden shift in political climate.

Over the next few decades, as the Kingdom of Shidar was forming, the entire peninsula was slowly abandoned as the horrors stalking the peninsula grew worse and worse. Refugees from the peninsula continued to flow into the Kingdom. The peninsula became an uninhabited wilderness region where monsters roamed. Most civilized people left the region alone.

In 1207 CY, the first sighting of Horde creatures occurred. The next year, dozens of these creatures were sighted. In 1209 CY, the first Horde hit. Several towns were attacked by a large group of these creatures. Various town militias patrolled the northern lands near the mouth of the peninsula and hunted the creatures down. From then on, each year, these creatures would come south, out of the peninsula. Each year, the town militias and King's Guard were harder pressed to hold them back. During this time, a religion formed from the fusion of six different faiths from Shidar and the south, was forming. This faith began to grow in favor among the commoners. These six combined faiths were known as the Chaddamar.

In order to isolate the peninsula from the rest of the kingdom, King Kurnon ordered that a great wall be constructed over the entrance to the peninsula. Even with thousands of conscripted workers and dozens of wizards aiding with magic, the monumental construction would still take 50 years. During the decades while the Wall was built, the Horde came every year. Each year it was larger and more dangerous. The people began turning to the priestesses of the Chaddamar to save them. Before the Wall was finished, the priests and the King were directly opposed. By 1242 CY, Chaddamar was the dominant religion throughout the east.

In 1296 CY, a civil war erupted between those faithful to the crown and those faithful to the growing Church of the Chaddamar. The war raged for nine years. Finally, the rebellion was successful and the Church usurped control of the kingdom in 1307 Common Year. The priestesses took control of and finished construction of the Wall. Within a century, the Chaddamarian Church had a firm control of the nation and converted it into a true theocracy. The Wall was finished in 1339 CY. The ruling Priestess, High Priestess Garreon, foresaw that the Horde would eventually overcome the wall. She ordered a second, larger wall, be built. Construction began in 1341 CY.

Her successor, High Priestess Yvrin, who took control of the Church in 1384 CY upon the death of Garreon, ordered the second wall be torn down just as it was nearing completion. The second wall was in the process of being dismantled when the Horde, now numbering in the millions, hit the original wall and overcame it. The Horde swept past and obliterated everything. Garreon's Wall, partially built and in the process of being taking down, saved the nation. It was hastily finished even as thousands of soldiers gave their lives protecting the nation. Many horde creatures got through. All were eventually killed, but the cost was high. These horrors were later studied and much was learned about the Horde.

The first wall, indeed everything north of the Second Wall, was abandoned to the Horde. The region and everything in it fell to ruin. Whole villages and towns were wiped out and little of them remains. But much of the Old Wall still stands.

The Old Wall Today

Several phanglir tribes have taken up residence in the fortified guardhouses and other sections that are still standing. Many of these have been repaired and now stand as isolated fortress, in a long chain. These phanglir live in these fortresses and wait out the Horde season behind thick walls of stone.


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