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The Halls of Odenathis


Standing on a hill with a commanding view of the surrounding jungle, there stands an ancient ruin of tremendous size. This immense building is mostly intact and is notable for its sheer size. The building doorways, windows, halls and all other features are built to accommodate giants. The doors are over 21 meters tall (70 feet) tall and the windows are sized to match. The building is fashioned from immense square stone blocks and logs from ancient trees. Broken statues and dried up pools indicate where a magnificent garden once lay on the south side. There was once a high curtain wall surrounded the grounds, but now only four corner towers still stand.

No secambru have lived here for centuries. The building itself is a historical and architectural curiosity. What treasures might lie within is a matter of speculation.


The Halls of Odenathis are located on the western edge of the Aswanar Wildlands.

Known History

The true history of Odenathis is not known. Based on aswanar stories, it is believed that a large group of first generation secambru giants built this place during the first or second century after the World Storm.

The Halls of Odenathis Today

The Halls of Odenathis are in a very remote location and they are difficult to get to. Very few people have ever laid eyes on this place and most people know of the ruins only as myth and legend. The local aswanar tribes are fearful of the place and avoid it. They will tell stories of the "dead tall ones" that still dwell within the ruin.


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