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The Ruins of Nitholl


The ruins of Nitholl are quite remarkable for many reasons. The ruins themselves are in fairly good condition with many erect walls and arches. Moss and ivy cover much of what was once a great castle and there are hints of walls and roads around the castle that suggest the site of a major town that stood there long ago. There is a tremendous oak tree overlooking the east wing of the castle and an enormous pit to the north where the stone was excavated for the structure. There are even a few cut blocks still down in the bottom of the quarry.


The ruins of Nitholl are located in northern Vorrik, in the foothills of the Northern Tusks.

Known History

This castle was built sometime late in the Great War by an Irreni noble. That much is obvious from the architecture. It is likely it was built after the collapse of the Irreni League. In any case, it was captured, lived in and recaptured several times over the following centuries. The name of the original builder and owner is lost to history. It has fallen into ruin and disrepair in the last 400 years.

The Ruins of Nitholl Today

The most remarkable thing about these ruins, however, is the tenant. This place is the haunted by a ghost… a very friendly ghost who appears as an old woman. The ghost can’t remember how she died or who she was (though she calls herself Rose), but she feels that she once lived in the ruins… She loves to talk to strangers and have visitors. She will proudly show “guests” around her “home” being sure to show them the magnificent view of the south hills, the pit at the north end, the old oak tree, the babbling brook and the stairs that led down into blackness and the dungeon levels beneath. She’s too afraid to go down there and can’t say what lies on the lower levels. Visually, she appears as a grayish wispy apparition of an elderly human woman with curly graying hair. She appears to be of average height and weight and wears an apron that she is continually wiping her hands on. She walks with a slight limp. She is very maternal and will insist on “mothering” young people, especially foolhardy young adventurers. She will often tell them it’s “going to be ok”, “this too shall pass” and similar things. She seems blissfully content and loves to look at the night sky, listen to the birds, smell the roses (although she can’t really smell anything). She will console a crying girl or encourage a young lad. Whatever seems most appropriate. She sometimes will tell stories of her living days, usually to illustrate a point or cheer someone up. The stories are usually universal enough that almost anyone can relate and surprisingly give few clues as to who she was. Rose is completely incorporeal. Weapons will pass right through her. She cannot be dispelled by any magic (at least no one has been successful and only a few have tried). She will become annoyed and chastise anyone who attacks or tries to dispel her.

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