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The Ruins of Kultec


The ruins of Kultec refer to the remnants of an ancient stone stronghold sprawling over a hill. It is known for a number of elaborate balconies, roofs and towers that cluster about each other in dizzying architectural puzzle. Many of the towers and roofs have collapsed in and the west side has a gaping hole the size of a ship. Scattered at the foot of the hill are the remains of a town, now nothing more than rubble. The name seems to rrefer to both the stronghold and the town collectively.


The ruins of Kultec are located in the foothills of the southern Thunder Peaks. It lies between the Bathynian towns of Cromarthy and Clandale.

Known History

Long ago, before the time of the Sundering and the madness that followed, there lived a powerful sorcerer named Threll Bathyn. Threll was a specialist in runes and glyphs and magic associated with them. A headstrong and impetuous man, he united the clans of the region in 423 TIC and ruled over them. Hundreds flocked to his banner and helped him build a town which was named Kultec and the region was known as Bathyn. Many served him at his sprawling estate including several legions of troops led by his greatest warrior, Krugendaur. His domain included many small villages that dotted the forested hills. It was a time of prosperity.

Threll's small nation became embroiled in a war with another small nation to the southwest, also ruled by a wizard. The war rage for years, but in the end, Threll's magic proved superior and his armies were victorious. Threll himself led his armies in the final battle and sacked his enemy's stronghold.

Threll returned to his lands triumphant at the head of a victorious army. Threll's celebration, however, was short lived.  On Landthrive 6, 470 TIC, the world shook as the sun split apart raining fury down upon the lands. Threll fell sick and fought desperately to control his magic amidst the swirling eddies of magic in those days. Krugendauer took charge while Threll was incapacitated. The days following the Sundering were terrible indeed. Threll died weeks later. Some say he succumbed to the sickness that struck most mages in those days. Others say he was poisoned. At least one variation of the poisoning tale mentions a fleeing assassin.

In any case, Threll's death was followed by chaos. His small nation was already struggling. His lieutenants fell upon each other.  Loyalties were divided and soon his legions of followers were fighting amongst themselves. In the aftermath, the town of Kultec and Threll's stronghold were looted and many of his treasures were taken.

The region was torn apart in a brutal civil war that lasted for several years. During the Great War, many citizens of this tiny nation were conscripted or enslaved to fight for the Traxx Legion. Eventually, the great works of Threll crumbled and his people banded together among the hills and woods. Without the guidance of the ancient sorcerer, age old blood feuds flared and the population fragmented back into traditional clans. The Bathyn Clan Wars raged through the Age of Chaos and into the Age of Sorrow.

Years of clan warefare were finally quelled when the clan chieftains came together in peace and signed the Treaty of Bathynia in 457 CY.  For more than a 2000 years, the bathyn clans have been united by history and common culture. Although warfare between the clans does occasionally flare up, they have lived through the centuries in relative peace. They are now united against a greater enemy... the phellysians, the descendents of the enemy nation that Threll defeated so long ago.

Centuries ago, various clans tried to occupy the ruins. One clan began to rebuild there, but a dragon came to lair there. It killed dozens and drove them off. It continued to lair in the ruins and prowl the region for decades. Decades later, after the dragon had left, another group of Bathyns moved in, but during a celebration, a wall collapsed killing most of the group. The Bathyn shamans firmly believe that Threll, now worshiped as their god, wishes his home left in peace. It is now considered holy ground and none shall tread there.

The Ruins of Kultec Today

The ruins of Kultec now lie crumbling and abandoned. Most bathyns stay away from the ruins out of religious respect. Bathyns nearby are aware that about three years ago, a great beast moved in. No one has gotten a good look at the beast, but judging by its roar and brief glimpses, it is very large... much larger than a man.


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