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The Ruins of Jemotric's Tower


The ruins of Jemotric's Tower consists of a single large squat tower surrounded by plazas, gardens and statues. A large wall encloses the ground with a radius of 154 meters (505 feet). The tower itself is broken off. Only the lower half of the tower remains and it is leaning at a slight angle. The upper half of the tower is completely gone. The enclosing wall and gardens are broken and fragmented like a shattered puzzle. The ground is uneven and jagged with broken fragments thrust up at odd angles.


Jemotric's Tower is located in the southern lands of Ormek near the east coast.

Known History

Jemotric was a powerful sorcerer in the early days of Ormek. He established a great tower in southern Ormek in the 1780 CY. He was a reclusive mage, but it is known that he specialized in planar shifting, interdimensional gates, teleportation and the summoning of demons. In the spring of 1794 CY, Jemotric locked himself in the upper levels of his great tower to concentrate on a new branch of magical research. He was not seen for several weeks. Then, on a quiet summer evening in 1794 CY, clouds rolled in, flashes of lightning began touching down and strange lights and ribbons of energy shot through the air. Very soon, a full blown essence storm was raging about the tower. A swirling vortex of clouds and energy formed above the tower and began sucking everything into it. The fury of the storm became so extreme that the ground shook and the beautiful gardens surrounding the tower began to break up as the ground split and shifted. The upper half of the tower began to shake apart and pieces of stone began to rain down into the garden. Finally the entire upper half of the tower broke off and was pulled into the vortex. As it was pulled up, a brightly glowing object fell to the ground.

It was widely known at the time that Jemotric was in possession of a brilliant gemstone that was charged with magical power. He called it the Orus Stone and it was a source of much power for him. It is not known whether or not the stone was in the upper tower, but many believe that the bright glowing object seen falling from the upper tower as it was pulled into the vortex was the Orus Stone itself.

After the vortex swallowed the upper tower, the essence storm quickly dissipated. These events were related by the servants of Jemotric who were outside the tower at the time. His servants quickly fled believing the gods were angry with their master.

That horrifying night was almost a thousand years ago. Over the centuries, the place has been avoided by the locals. On the rare occasion when some bold adventurer set foot inside the garden walls, they either vanished or staggered out with terrible wounds and blood chilling tales.

Jemotric's Tower Today

The ruins of the tower today are something of a local legend. It is believed that the garden within the walls was perverted and twisted by the magic of the essence storm. Over the centuries, the garden has grown "wild". Several of the plants have become very aggressive. There is a type of rose that can uproot itself and move. These roses will chase intruders, slashing at them with thorn covered tendrils. This "carnivorous" garden makes it very dangerous to enter this ruin. Many treasure seekers have fallen prey to the garden.

The magical energy here has a tendency to coalesce into sudden violent bursts of electrical energy and light. This "mana bursts" are normally random and occur about a minute apart. However, they seem to be attracted to magic items and magic items, it seems, agitate the field and cause more frequent bursts. A person walking into this area heavily laden with several magical items will find the mana bursts striking closer and closer to them. Very powerful magic items will draw all mana bursts to them.

The warped magic of this ruin may have had other effects as well. Survivors have claimed they were attacked by stone statues and some speculate that the lingering magic of the essence storm has animated some of the garden statues. One statue in particular is a single eyed ape crafted of dark grey stone. This cyclops ape prowls the garden continually hunting. It has attacked intruders on three different occasions. None of the plants or statues have been seen outside the main wall. It is likely that these animated statues, like the carnivorous plants, cannot leave the garden.

There are many who believe the Orus Stone fell from the upper tower that fateful night and it still lies somewhere in the garden. Treasure seekers often will risk the garden to search for the stone, but no one has found the Orus Stone yet.


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