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The ruined castle of Eramathan straddles a small rocky island mere yards of the coast. The rocky terrain and frequent storms here keep this tip of land somewhat isolated and remote as the nearest village is some fifteen kilometers away. A small cluster of jagged rocks and tiny islets surround the larger island on which the castle sits. Lines of stone rocks in the water are remnants of docks from long ago.


Eramathan is located at the very southern tip of the Mercian peninsula on the south coast of Ithria.

Known History

Eramathan was once one of the major coastal forts of the Traxxian military. At one time, the Traxx Legion operated many of these naval bases. This is the only one that has survived.

Eramathan Today

The ruins of this castle are home to a witch sorceress and her dark minions. She was killed by a mercenary band of adventurers and her minions were driven from this place. But she has risen from the dead and she has reclaimed the ancient castle. Orcs, trolls, ogres and evil men now live there and serve her.


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