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This once great walled city was built in seven concentric rings, raised tiers each, that rise toward the center. Each tier was separated from the next by a wall. From a distance, the city appeared to be draped over a broad, shallow hill.

Many of the city walls are partially erect, but few buildings remain. Of more interest are the numerous dungeon levels that lie beneath the hill. There are many entrances scattered about the city that lead to the lower levels. In the dark beneath the ruins, there are many underground tunnels, natural caverns, dungeons and tombs - all interconnected in a dizzying network. There are eleven known entrances, but there may be more.


The ruins of Ebarrum are found in the eastern foothills of the Helgar Mountains near Eshtar.

Known History

Ebarrum was once a grand city of culture and opulence of the Kytohan Empire. It was founded some 600 years before the Sundering. It was damaged in the World Storm, but was still inhabited as late as 750 CY, when it fell to humanoid raids.

Ebarrum Today

The region around Ebarrum is prowled by clans of pugnar. It is common for clans of pugnar to occupy sections of these ruins. Various monsters infest the dungeon levels. Treasure seekers occasionally venture in to see if they can find a previously unexplored chamber.


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