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The ruins of Doth are large and surprisingly intact. The blocky linear style of Traxxian design is evident in the architecture. More than a sixty buildings are still standing along with scores of partial buildings, walls, roads, statues and plazas. The once great city was known for a number of canals that crisscrossed the city forming a network of waterways. These canals are dry now, forming a network of deep trenches filled with moss, rubble and a few plants.

The city is split in half by a tremendous cleft in the ground, a gaping chasm that is more than 200 feet across and 200 feet deep. The bottom of this chasm is rocky, split and filled with immense boulders. This huge chasm resulted when the ground split during the initial landquakes of the World Storm. The two sides, once connected, are now separated and quite uneven... one side is forty feet higher than the other. A number of the trenches (the former canals) connect to this chasm. During heavy rains, water flows down the trenches and pour into the chasm in a number of high waterfalls.

The ruins of Doth cover a total area of 65 acres. At the center of the grounds is the sprawling central government building, known as the Holding. This massive stone building is five stories tall and houses over eighty chambers and halls.




The ruins of Doth are buried deep in the heart of the Barakose Swamp. It is in very remote area and takes several days travel through thick jungle and swamp to reach it. It is not an easy journey. Because of the rough terrain and choking vegetation, it is impossible to bring wagons or carts. Even horses will have a very difficult time with the muddy rivers and soft muck under their hooves. Explorers often find it is easier to simply approach on foot.

Known History

Doth was the capital city of the Traxx Legion. It was the largest city in the Traxx Legion with a population of over 75,000 people. The Holding, the great central building of the city, served as the seat of the government and the headquarters for the Traxxian military.

Doth Today

Some time ago, the ruins were claimed by a particularly powerful, ruthless and barbaric tribe of saurians. They are all harothi saurians and they are wild tempered. This tribe is ruled over by a particularly large and powerful hurkyte named Sasithul. This tribe is over 400 members strong and also has others that work with them... a giant, several trolls and more than forty goblins. King Sasithul rules over all of them. He is served by a myren saurian who is said to be a sorcerer and advisor.

King Sasithul and most of his servants and minions dwell in the Holding and the buildings around it. Within the Holding they have created an audience chamber with a stone throne upon which Sasithul seats as he gives orders, metes out justice or greets the rare visitor.

The saurians have built a crude wooden bridge which spans the great chasm that splits the city. The saurians throw their refuse (and the occasional prisoner) into the great chasm, but otherwise ignore it.

There is a large coliseum that survived the landquakes mostly intact. The saurians use it as a gladiatorial arena. Prisoners, warriors and wild animals fight it out for the entertainment of the king. Sasithul occasionally gathers all of his minions here in the coliseum to address them. Beneath the coliseum is a dungeon level that contains prison cells, cages, pits and storage rooms.

One of the creatures that occasionally fights in the arena for the entertainment of King Sasithul and his minions is an abnormally large and deformed burrow hound. This hideous creature is over 3000 pounds. Slaves and prisoners are occasionally pitted against the great beast in the arena. It is trained (somewhat) to obey the saurians and could, potentially, be unleashed as a war beast to fight for the saurians.

The saurians do not take kindly to visitors or strangers and will likely imprison and enslave any who dare set foot in "their" city.


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