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Corinth is a very large ruin. This once great city is now a sprawling network of stone walls, collapsed buildings, overgrown plazas and dried up pools. It is notable for the definitive Kytohanese architecture and the truly huge size of the walls, buildings and doorways. The architecture here was obviously built to accommodate large groups of soldiers and soldiers of unusually large size.


Corinth is located in the Shard mountain range in between the Iron States and the Trossoli Dominion.

Known History

Corinth was a major walled city for the Kytohan Empire and one of the main garrisons for the United Imperial Legions. More importantly, it was the home of the secambru giants, the oversized humanoids used by the Legions in their campaign against the barbarian hordes. The secambru lived here in a city with buildings, arches and doorways built to accommodate their tremendous height.

Corinth Today

Corinth is a massive city both because of its once great population, but also because many of its buildings were built to house the giant secambru warriors. It is, perhaps, because of this architecture that Borrusa the Mighty, has come to live here. Borrusa is a giant of mixed blood, a half magrakian. He lives among the oversized ruins and finds the doorways and walls to be large, even by his standards. (Borrusa stands approximately 7 meters tall). Borrusa is a gentle and kind hearted giant that fights only in self defense.

Recently a trio of witches have moved into another part of the ruined city. They are trying to drive Borrusa away, but they are having a difficult time of it. Because of his size and strength, the witches are afraid of a direct confrontation. Also, he is remarkably resistant to magic spells. So far, they have not been able to harm him, even with their most potent magic. It has settled into an uneasy truce. They stay on one side of the ruins and he is on the other. He wants them to go away because he doesn’t like them, they brew foul smelling things in their cauldron, etc. They want to kill him or drive him away.

Borrusa has recently befriended a shepherd from the Iron Citadel lands. The shepherd is the first visitor to the ruins in a long time. Very few people venture all the way to the ruins of Corinth. And tales of a "man eating" giant keep many fearful of the region.


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