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City of the Dead

This is a huge ruined city of stone and metal that lies along the banks of the Serpent River. According to secambru giants, the city was a thriving metropolis centuries ago. Some scholars believe that it may have been a distant Kytohan outpost which, after the collapse of the empire, evolved into an independent city. Secambru tales suggest that most tribes avoided this city, but some traded with it. A thousand years ago, the city was suddenly obliterated by “fire from the sky”. No one knows what happened. Some scholars note that rocks sometimes do fall from the sky. Others suggest the city was the victim of a terrible weapon or an angry deity. The evidence in the city is contradictory. There is a large crater at the center of the city. But the entire city also radiates residual magical energy, as if struck by a spell of such magnitude that it can scarcely be imagined.

In any case, the city today is ruin of crumbling stone and dry wind. There is absolutely nothing alive here. No insects, no lizards, no plants, not even grass. Nothing. Just sand and stone.

The magical field itself is fractured here. Spells and magic items will work unpredictably. There are tales of undead stalking this city. Walking dead, animated skeletons and so forth. In addition, magic items will slowly be drained. The exact effect varies and depends on the nature of the magic item and how close it is to the central crater. Most simple items will be drained in a day or two. More powerful items will gradually loss functions and total power over time.

Anyone entering this city will gradually become sick. This illness will become more severe with each passing hour until death finally claims the person after five days. Furthermore, even if a person leaves the city and recovers, they will find that the illness has permanently weakened them.

Besides stories of shambling undead creatures, the secambru tell of a machine of metal. It is a clockwork golem of large size and devilishly clever design. It is battle damaged and malfunctioning. It now roams the ruined city endlessly and will attack and imprison or kill anyone it encounters.

Because of the remoteness of this ruin, most civilized races have never even heard of it. The secambru themselves have named it the “City of the Dead” because nothing grows there and they generally avoid these cursed ruins.


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