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Once a mighty castle, Celgora is now a crumbling wreck. It consists of eight large towers surrounding a large central keep. The roof of the central keep collapsed years ago, resulting in four great walls and a pile of rubble. Surrounding the castle is a large courtyard, outer curtain walls and a number of secondary buildings. Wet moss, vines and other vegetation creeps up most of the walls. The walkways and paths leading between buildings are overgrown. The stone here is usually dark grey and slick as it rains frequently here.


The ruins of Celgora are buried deep in the swamps of the Trackless Mire. It is many kilometers from the nearest Corvenian village and there are no roads that lead here. It is not inaccessible, but the journey is difficult. The only way to reach the ruins of Celgora is to travel for six days on foot through the thick mud and dense vegetation of the great swamp.

Known History

The Irenni leaders had their greatest sorcerers work together to develop new weapons for the Great War. Several castles were used exclusively for magical research. Celgora was one of the greatest. During the Great War, Celgora was kept under a cloak of secrecy and guarded well. It was here that many of the League's greatest weapons were unveiled. Toward the end of the Great War, one of the experiments being conducted at Celgora went out of control. Contact with Celgora was lost in 711 CY. Shortly thereafter, the capital city of the Irenni League was wiped out and the League disintegrated. Contact was never established with Celgora before the League fell and there are no official records regarding what catastrophe befell this place.

Celgora Today

Few have made the difficult journey to the ruins of Celgora and fewer still have returned. Those lucky few who have returned tell of strange magical effects in operation there. They tell tales of strange mystical forces... random teleportation, warped magical energy fields, areas where magic will not function at all. Spells and enchanted items will behave strangely.

It is widely believed that the magical energy field in the ruins is somehow "fractured" as a result of something that went terribly wrong there long ago. No one knows what experiment or magical weapon backfired, but the ruins still bare the scars of that incident.

The following creatures and magical phenomena have been reported:

Several etherbane have taken up residence in these ruins, no doubt attracted by the strong magical emanations here. They have created a lair in the West Hall.

The Main Courtyard is saturated with a high intensity magic field. All spells cast in the courtyard are hugely amplified, typically yielding three times as much power as usual. Mages can replenish their magical strength simply by standing in the courtyard. Magic items will operate at maximum power. Those items which have a finite number of "charges" will actually recharge themselves in this area.

In the center of the keep, in the Great Hall, there is a massive stone archway in the northwest corner. Normally dark and silent, this stony arch alights with magical fire in a regular interval and becomes a dimensional doorway. Every seven hours this doorway opens for exactly 27 seconds. This magical portal draws the air around into it causing swirling eddies of wind to roar through the hallway. This atmospheric disturbance is strong enough to lift a dog or small child off their feet. Even an armored knight will feel the pull toward the portal. The portal itself is a teleportation effect. Anything or anyone entering the portal will be teleported. The destination is random and completely different every time but always at ground level in an open area. Teleport destinations can be up to several hundred kilometers away from the ruins of Celgora. The etherbane avoid the great hall because this dimensional portal causes them great pain when it activates.

The North Guard Tower is a magic dead zone. No magic at all will work within this square four story tower. Spell casters who enter the tower will find their magical strength drain away in a matter of minutes. Enchanted items will likewise be drained of all power. If left in the tower long enough, magic items will be permanently weakened or drained entirely.

A creature of horrific mutations dwells in the moat that surrounds the ruins. No doubt mutated by the intense magical radiation here, this thing is a writhing mass of barbed tentacles, eye stalks, rolls of oily flesh and poisonous spines. It swims constantly roaming the murky depths of the moat.

There are several teleport points scattered about the ruins. Walking into one of this teleport points will instantly transport the victim to another point in the ruins. Range is typically no more than 200 meters, but it is enough to easily separate explorers.


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