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The ruins at Caldris consist of seven buildings and numerous low stone walls arranged around a large central stone plaza. At the center of the stone plaza is a large fountain. The fountain is still working and spills water continuously. Weeds and moss grow upon much of the aging stone. A long stone staircase climbs the side of a mountain to reach Caldris at the very top.


Caldris is found in heart of the Gulhunag Mountains. It lies high in the mountains amidst the peaks.

Known History

Caldris was a fortress of the Kytohan Empire. It fell to the barbarian hordes of eastern Aggradar shortly before the Sundering occurred. The fountain supposedly had magical properties and the soldiers drank from the fountain before and after battles. Historical records following the Sundering are sketchy.

Caldris Today

There is little to be found here. It is rumored that the fountain still has some magic to it. It is known that the fountain is still running, fed by some underground water source.

The Sybrenar military occasionally has marches and training exercises out at the ruins of Caldris.


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